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At Grant Production Testing Services Ltd., we pride ourselves on our Personnel and Equipment. Our equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured to exceed industry standards for safety, quality and reliability. Our employees together with the equipment, safety, knowledge, performance and dependability which gives our customers the piece of mind that each job will be completed Safely and Efficiently. Some innovations that we have incorporated to improve safety, performance and design are:


  • Circulating Heaters (¼ mmbtu standard equipment on all Pressure Tanks)

        - Eliminates product freezing in tank

        - Eliminates requirement for boiler or steam unit on location

        - Totally self contained

  • Incorporated into our high pressure Frac Separators is a sparge system to loosen proppant and make shipping of erosive materials possible through a bag choke.

  • Dual Textsteam pumps

        - Back up pump ensures no down time due to pump failure.

  • Choke Manifolds mounted on Tank prevents injury and ease during rig in

        - Reduces potential for injury because manifolds do not need

           to be carried or moved.

        - Reduces time to rig in job.

  • Decks on Manways

        - Provides permanent, safe and secure platform under
           manways for operator access.

  • Methanol tanks mounted on trailers

        - Eliminates the need for operators moving heavy barrels
           of Methanol.

        - Tanks are CSA and DOT certified.

  • N2 Purging Systems

        - Mounted on equipment to facilitate purging out toxic or
           explosive environments in equipment.

  • Deadweight lines permanently mounted on equipment

        - Reduces potential for failure and cost of improperly
           stored lines

        - Improves rig in time and operator convenience

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